Texas College Success Program

On March 20, 2016 by Elizabeth Casa de Calvo

“Catch the Next Inc. decided to bring the award winning Puente Project model to Texas, to replicate in its Texas College Success Program: Crossing Bridges Catching Dreams.” – From the February 2016, Vol. 4, No. 8 Catch the Next, Inc. Texas College Success Program Newsletter

UNT-D received a warm welcome as the first university to join the Texas College Success Program based on the Puente Model. Pictured below is the UNT-D Puente team. Our program development is currently underway. Here is to a successful launch in the Fall!

UNT Dallas CTN Puente Team
Pictured left to right: Elizabeth Casa de Calvo, Robert Harris, Anamaria Olivares, Zarmina Nawab, Provost Lois Becker, Sheryl Santos-Hatchett, Paulina Romero, Mara Vaughn, Cynthia Rodriguez, and Juan Garcia (not pictured).

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