ICSA Annual Conference, 2023

I highly recommend this conference for any mental health professionals, victim advocates, educators, cult survivors, and their support network. I had an amazing experience that was extremely informative and emotionally impactful. I experienced information overload, and I’m still processing all that I learned, but I can’t wait for the next conference! If you are interested, The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is holding its 2024 Annual International Conference in Barcelona, Spain.


Advancing Socioeconomic Mobility Conference

The UNT Dallas Center for Socioeconomic Mobility through Education (CSME) organized the first Advancing Socioeconomic Mobility Conference. I gained such valuable insights and was able to learn from a diverse team of thought leaders who presented evidence-based and innovative approaches to addressing challenges that students commonly face on their educational and career journey. I’m grateful to be a part of this community, and for the opportunity to learn from leading change-makers.


Psychology Career Day, 2023

The UNT Dallas Psychology Department held another successful Psychology Career Day! Many thanks to Dr. Coursey for chairing the planning committee. We are also incredibly thankful for the support of our community partners who were available to network and workshop with our students. Finally, we are incredibly proud of the student research showcased. As always, we are already planning next year’s Career Day, so please reach out if you would like to contribute to the professional development of our students.

LAS Faculty Showcase

My amazing colleagues represented the Psychology Department with flying colors! Dr. Coursey presented dynamic teaching demonstrations for Social Psychology, and Dr. Harrison discussed his groundbreaking research on brain lateralization and facial recognition. 

College Advisor Training Program

As I was reorganizing my office I came across these certificates from the American College Foundation college training program. This was an extremely informative deep dive into alternative forms of college funding. The eCollege Pro program is a powerful money saving tool! I plan to continue learning more about College Advising and how I can best assist students with their financial investment in higher education.

Welcome Back!

What a beautiful sunrise, and start of the Spring 2023 semester! 

Festivus Celebration

The Psychology Department gathered to celebrate the end of a productive year. We officially received approval for a new undergraduate program: B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. This is a huge accomplishment, and many years in the making. Cheers to all of our hard working colleagues! 

Genesis Women’s Shelter

Our Social Psychology of Cults class had the great privilege of learning about outreach services provided by Genesis Women’s Shelter (genesisshelter.org). Students appreciated the opportunity to gain insights about the cycle of abuse, domestic violence, and trauma recovery. Genesis also announced exciting developments in our neck of the woods – a new location serving South Dallas. Finally, if you have never visited the Genesis thrift store (off Lemmon Ave.), you most certainly should! Not only do proceeds support the shelter, they have amazing high quality clothing… a thrift store like no other. Many thanks to Sam and John for taking the time to talk with us! 

League of Women Voters of Dallas

It was my extreme pleasure to speak to the League of Women Voters of Dallas about forms of social influence, prejudice, and the formation of extreme beliefs. My fellow presenter discussed the effects of misinformation. We had a lively discussion about current events and building relationships. Many thanks to the wonderful members of LWVD for this opportunity! My presentation can be found here: https://bit.ly/3fVR3by , and below is Dr. Schroeder’s presentation. Enjoy!

Misinformation Presentation