Annual Love Talk

I had the honor of presenting a love talk (the Three Phases of Love) to the UNT-D Psychology Club in celebration of Valentines Day. While the presentation was very brief, we had a wonderfully long discussion about love, relationships, dating, marriage, and happiness. The cupcakes were fantastic, and the thank you card warmed my heart. Thank you guys for the invitation, it was an amazing experience! 

Love Talk Card


Bowling Night

The UNT-D Psychology Club has planned many fun events for the Spring 2015 semester. These photos were taken at Bowling Night. We had a lot of fun getting to let off some steam, and the chill cheese fries weren’t bad either!

2015 02-20 Bowling 1


2015 02-20 Bowling 2

Halloween Party

I recently moved from Minnesota to Texas. The transition has been full of excitement. This photo is from a Halloween party that my husband and I hosted for the UNT-D Psychology Club. We are so blessed to teach for such a wonderful school that serves the best students of Dallas! The Psychology Club, as well as all other students, have been incredibly welcoming. We wanted to show our gratitude by hosting a small get-together, the first of many to come. Go Jaguars!

Halloween Party 2014