APA Technology, Mind & Society Conference

On October 4, 2019 by Elizabeth Casa de Calvo

I look forward to this conference every year! You can’t fail when you combine the latest technology and psychology research. The hardest part is selecting which talk to attend. Here are a few of my favorite talks/sessions:

  • Games and Virtual Reality For Fostering Education and Knowledge
  • Wearable Biometrics Technology: Investigating its use in simulated and live law enforcement training
  • Robotics and Psychology
  • Rethinking Anthropomorphism: The Antecedents, Unexpected Consequences, and Potential Remedy for Perceiving Machines as Humanlike
  • Virtual Reality for Health and Well-Being
  • Deception and Trust Online
  • Children and Technology

APA is releasing a NEW journal: Technology, Mind, and Behavior

Cool conference swag, black matte journal.

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