Student Research Symposium

On April 24, 2018 by Elizabeth Casa de Calvo

The third annual UNT Dallas Student Research Symposium showcased original research by UNT Dallas students. Our very own Psychology students won an award! Their project examined attitudes toward guns, and their catchy title started with, “Say Hello to My Little Friend…” Needless to say, they are a creative bunch! No photos were allowed, as they were fiercely protecting their study, and rightly so. This research has a very good chance of being published. Congrats on winning the People’s Choice Award!

I did manage to capture a few photos of another interesting project that examined color themes of a children’s animated movie. They mapped trends in the gradual mood shift of the story line and character’s emotions based on the dominant color of various characters and scenes. They also incorporated a cross-cultural analysis of color meaning within western vs. eastern cultures.

These students clearly have great ideas and dedicated faculty mentors. I’m proud to see such innovation across all disciplines!

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