High Impact Practices Symposium

On May 4, 2018 by Elizabeth Casa de Calvo

It was a pleasure attending the UNTD High Impact Practices Symposium. There were many great faculty presentations, but here are a few that I had the privilege of learning about in detail. Dr. Holmes described the process she takes her students through to gain first hand experience with research and real world applications. She also describes how students are made ready at the freshmen level for upper level research based courses. Dr. Chandler had an engaging project about how to simplify difficult mathematical problems into manageable components. Dr. Coleman shared how his students were able to experience a real life simulation of the White House Situation Room, and the decision making process of emergency situations. Finally, Dr. Chaney discussed how his students developed cultural competence through exposure to various cultures and world practices. This was a fascinating symposium that faculty from all discipline could benefit from.

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